Distance Learning Programs

Shipboard Structured Learning and Assesment Program

The ISF Distance learning program or the Shipboard Structured Learning and Assessment Programme has been designed to provide a Trainee Electro Technical Officer and Junior Marine Engineer on board a ship an effective guiding tool. This tool helps in systematic:

  • Development of a keen sense of observation as he goes about performing his day to day activities
  • Assimilation of knowledge, and development of understanding and skills to function better in future
  • Acquisition of required knowledge and experience to prepare for Certificate of Competency Examinations as an ETO and Junior Engineers.


Salient Features of the Programme

Assessment of Level of Knowledge at entry to plan required support /learning guidance:

  • By response to a simple questionnaire.

Learning on board, followed by shore-based learning

  • Higher retention of learning as the candidate physically sees and performs tasks on board.
  • Better learning as help in form of Manuals/guidance from seniors readily available.
  • Gaps in onboard learning are covered ashore.

Long Term Relationship

  • Guidance available after completion of onboard programme if required especially till the candidate clears his examinations

Systematic Approach

  • Programme is Modular.
  • Learning progresses systematically starting from familiarization, operations, understanding construction / overhaul/repairs and finally fault finding.

Guidance on how to learn supported by written notes:

  • Learning by completing well defined tasks covering all aspects.
  • Guide lines provided on how to proceed with finding information.
  • ISF notes provided for topics which candidate is likely to have difficulty in finding onboard.

Computer Based Training Modules (CBT’s)

  • Learning through the list of Computer Based Trainings (CBT’s) which will further assist the candidate to prepare for the competency examination. The CBT’s have been developed in accordance to the competency exams.

Oral Question and Recommended answer sets

  • Learning through oral question and answer sets which will help the candidate undergoing the programme to prepare for Oral functions of competency exams and assist in how to formulate an answer while answering in front of examiner.

Online Assessment and Test:

  • The candidate will have to undergo an online assessment test to assist him further in preparation for online competency exams and will assess him for the time spent onboard during his tenure of 6-10 months as Tr. ETO or TME.

Shore Based Mentors/Guides provide guidance and feedback on learning:

  • Candidates remain under guidance of experienced and qualified mentors ashore.
  • Candidates have access to these mentors via email.

Assists companies:

  • More competent officers.
  • Officers back faster after examinations