Human Rights

All human beings are born free and equal. Our society must provide an environment which is:

  • Equal for every human being
  • Dignified for every human being
  • Safe for every human being

After 67 years off Independence it is highly unfortunate for us that we are still struggling to get these basic and fundamental Human rights for all. Human rights identify the worth of each person and their relationship with their fellow beings, surroundings and society. These rights recognize standards regarding the quality of life that each of us can expect to enjoy.

Human rights are universal, inherent and undeniable and exist as a birthright; however, to be effective they need to be supported not only by law but also by the entire society. Awareness and alertness of society is the most important ways to assuring and enforcing them.

EDS is committed to work towards providing a decent quality of life where everyone can live with safety and dignity without any discrimination. EDS understands that compassion and effective care has the power to translate this basic right from an objective to actual reality. The right to lead dignified life it is important to:
1. Encourage and promote the individuality of each individual regardless of background.
2. Propagate that living safely with dignity and equality can only be achieved if everyone is confident of the same treatment.
3. Develop a sustainable infrastructure of care and support.
4. Sensitize and educate everyone about human right for the benefit of the society as a whole.