Training Programmes

We as humans have the ability to think, decide and conquer. But the most important ability is that to learn. Humans can learn, unlearn and relearn and thus are precious. They carry success along wherever they go – institutes, organizations and countries. ISF HR is all about developing the human potential catering not only to professionals but also those who are about to enter the corporate world. We develop skills and make them suitable to enter the corporate world more confidently. ISF is an effective facilitator for learning, through a range of training modules devised for such learning. Bringing to you our rich industry experience..!!

ISF HR has an array of effective training programmes developed through extensive research and valuable industry experience. The training modules have been tested and successfully delivered to middle level and senior level managers in various companies. A few snapshots of our training modules are:

Teambuilding and Teamwork:

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." And thus this programme aims at:

Emotional Intelligence:

Apart from technical skills and competencies, a healthy emotional quotient goes a long way in creating a better human being and enhancing performance. This programme consists of:

Interpersonal Skills

Man is a social animal and so interpersonal skills are of utmost importance. Thus, this module comprises of:

Time Management:

Making the best use of time is making the best use of our lives! This module would lead to:

Change Management:

Nothing is constant BUT change. However change comes with resistance and thus this programme comprises of:

General Management skills:

Orientation into different managerial skills will help individuals work more efficiently, make optimum use of resources, generate effective solutions for problems and bring about desired results. This programme comprises of:

Leadership Development Programme:

A successful leader essentially has to have the art of managing the work-environment and inspiring his team to give their best results at work. This module comprises of:

Stress Management:

Inability to handle stress can impair overall performance and prevent individuals from leading a healthy and fulfilling life. This programme on stress management would help:

Performance Improvement Programme:

Performance of an individual can be improved if the individual understands him/herself well. Thus this individual growth oriented programme aims at improving individual performance through:

Interviewing Skills:

Sharpening and enhancing ones repertoire of interview taking skills will ascertain that wise decisions are made during selection, performance appraisal and other assessment procedures.

This programme comprises of:

Customer Relation Skills:

Today’s work culture has intense customer focus and hence it is crucial to hone customer service and customer relation skills. This module focuses on:

Negotiation Skills:

Knowledge and application of negotiation techniques helps in managing desired outcomes in business and interpersonal situations. Hence this module on negotiation skills is all about:

We also deliver modules on Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Anger Management, Confidence Building, Managing Meetings, Customer Relation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Interviewing Skills, Marketing and Business Development etc.

Our training modules have been highly effective and have brought about positive changes in the trainees. WHAT CAN WE DO FOR ‘YOU’?

Organizations and institutes differ and so do their needs. We at ISF completely understand this. We, thus offer customized training solutions to you after meticulous consultation. Every training module that we bring to you would be tailor made as per you requirements. All you need to do is tell us what you want to achieve or tell us about the training needs of the group and we would design a course accordingly. This ensures that the needs are catered to well and hence the results – enhanced productivity.

Target Groups and Pedagogy of Training Programmes:

Middle and junior level management of business / Government / Non-Government organizations. All our training modules are a rich blend of:

Games and activities along with practical situational exercises help individuals to understand the topic better and facilitates effective learning.

Profiling Services and Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is a very effective tool for understanding individual competencies and behavioral characteristics. The aim of our psychometric tests is to gain an accurate bearing of the individual's cognitive abilities and personality / behavioral style.

ISF uses scientifically developed tests which have been very effective in understanding the individuals and given very accurate results.

After assessment, we generate a comprehensive profile to help interpret the knowledge meaningfully. This is followed by individual coaching and guidance to make best use of the test results.

Target Groups for Profiling Services

Business Organizations and Institutes: