ISF Management and Consultancy Services(IMC)
Empathetic & Nurturing Professional Support!

Launched in 2004, IMC provides wide range of management and consultancy services to the shipping and allied industries. IMC through its experienced team, work closely with the clients, understanding their needs and supporting them in achieving their business goals.

IMC team comprises of professionals from a variety of sections of the industry, pooling in valuable expertise and experience to the existing rich knowledge repository at ISF.

The range of consultancy services include:

  1. Quality System Documentation Development and Implementation Services

    IMC has a vast experience of developing and assisting in implementation of quality system documentation as per the guidelines of ISM, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, 18001 OHSAS, TMSA and Integrated Management Systems.

  2. Comprehensive testing and selection services are offered for various ranks which include

    1) Written technical test,
    2) Written English language assessment
    3) Welding Practical
    4) Lathe work practical
    5) Bench work, Fitting, and overhauling of valves
    6) Aptitude test
    7) Psychometric Assessment

  3. Project Report Development and Project Management

    IMC experienced team provides valuable support for various educational and training related projects by way of carrying out 'Feasibility Studies', developing 'Comprehensive Project Reports', and overseeing 'Project Implementation'.

  4. Competence Management Systems

    IMC offers consultancy for development and implementation of Competence Management System within organizations in line with international standards and the specific needs of the client.

  5. Development of Training Material

    IMC has developed teaching and training material for several institutes and shipping companies since its inception. These include technical and management related course packages. IMC also trains the trainers at the client's organization and conducts pilot programs for smooth handover.

  6. Management of Training Institutes

    IMC has been lending support to upcoming Organizations and Institutes to serve as their academic and knowledge partner.