ISF Surveys, Testing, Audits, Research & Rating Services(ISTARR)
Objectivity....through Independent Assessment!

An exclusive and operationally independent division of ISF Maritime Services operates under two key units:

  1. ISTARR Surveyors

  2. ISTARR Services Audits, Inspections, Testing & Rating Services

ISTARR Surveyors

The exclusive surveying division!

With a clear vision to expand its surveying activities, ISF Maritime Services conducts all its surveys and related activities under the aegis of ISTARR Surveyors an exclusive surveying division.

Recognizing the fact that surveying is becoming a dying profession, with senior and experienced surveyors well past their prime and not many young professionals wanting to pursue this highly specialized area of the maritime profession, ISTARR Surveyors aspires to meet this industry-wide shortage of quality surveyors by strengthening its existing professional team.

With a team of professionally qualified, experienced and dedicated staff having extensive knowledge and experience in context to the operations, upkeep and management of vessels, together with, adequate knowledge and experience on the commercial aspects of merchant shipping, ISTARR Surveyors as an independent marine surveying unit competently extends to its clients a wide range of services with the utmost reliability and confidentiality.

Keeping abreast of the changing times within the maritime industry which today, include the introduction of a broader spectrum of requirements under relevant maritime conventions and codes, the services provided by the ISTARR Surveyors is tailored to include consultation, marine surveying, appraisals and claims adjusting.

We offer our expertise and assistance to Vessel Owners/Managers, Charterers, Charterer's agents, Cargo Underwriters, Shippers and Cargo owners, H&M Underwriters, Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Clubs, Maritime Solicitors, loss/average adjusters, government regulatory bodies and other parties of interest.

Areas Covered by us

The type of marine surveys we offer categorically constitute to being:

Pro-active Surveys i.e. pre-preparatory operational activities associated to a vessel's readiness (in every form determined within the scope of the International Maritime Conventions/ Codes, and/or matters associated to the commercial aspects of the trade) for her maritime adventure, and for which necessary advice/ guidance is provided on issues relating to the vessel's seaworthiness and cargo worthiness, maintenance of onboard machinery & gear, the purpose of onboard navigation aids and their importance, onboard fire & safety related issues, onboard safety and security issues, health & hygiene on board, the carriage, stowage, handling and care of specific cargoes, etc.; and Re-active Surveys i.e. surveys related to issues consequent to and in direct relation to an experienced maritime peril, accident or incident.

The various areas efficiently covered by our team of experienced and certified surveyors include

  1. Accident / Machinery Damage Surveys for H&M Underwriters and/or other parties of interest.
  2. Vessel [Pre-Entry] Condition Surveys for H&M Underwriters.
  3. Vessel [Pre-Entry] Condition Surveys for P&I Clubs.
  4. Vessel Pre-Purchase Condition Surveys for prospective parties of interest.
  5. Draft Surveys.
  6. Bunker Surveys.
  7. Cargo Surveys (machinery/heavy lift) for prospective parties of interest.
  8. Pre-shipment / delivery and trans-shipment Surveys relating to general / bulk, break bulk and/or containerized cargoes in respect of quality, quantity and condition.
  9. Condition / Damage Surveys of Containers [CTUs].
  10. Pre-shipment lashing / securing Surveys for heavy lift cargoes.
  11. On and Off-Hire Surveys.
  12. Pre-loading hold / cargo gear condition surveys.
  13. Bulk Liquid Surveys: Crude Oil & Petroleum Products.
  14. Salvage / Environment Pollution damage surveys for H & M underwriters and P&I Clubs.
  15. Port Captaincy & Superintendency on behalf of Owners.
  16. Pre-entry [insurance] Surveys of small / medium sized leisure crafts for H&M Underwriters;
  17. Accident / Machinery Damage Surveys of small / medium-sized leisure craft, on behalf of H&M Underwriters.
  18. Pre-Purchase Condition Surveys of small / medium sized leisure crafts for prospective parties of interest; the scope of survey primarily limited to principal's requirements, and/or if required, a comprehensive inspection of the craft which include, but not limited to areas covering the:-
    • As on date condition of the hull, deck and superstructure;
    • Scope/general arrangement and as on date condition of onboard provisions/ fittings, deck gear / rigging;
    • Scope/general arrangement and as on date condition of the craft's propulsion machinery / steering system, electrical system, cathodic protection, fire suppression system, onboard navigation aids/equipment, safety/life-saving equipment[gear];
    • Below the waterline survey [Out-of-water] of the hull and associated appendages;
    • Sea trials to determine the craft's as-on-date handling performance and, performance of propulsion / steering system;
  19. Risk assessments and Risk management.
  20. Risk audits of vessel [Deck and engine room operations].

ISTARR Services

  1. Statutory Audits

    Our team is extensively experienced in carrying out:

    • Internal ISM Audits
    • ISPS Audits
    • TMSA Navigation Audits
    • ISO 9001 -2000 Audits for Offices
    • Third Party Operational Audits

  2. Crew Performance Audits and Rating Services

    In times of people developing lesser and lesser experience and gaining fast track promotions; this is a unique concept which allows the Manager/ Owners to get an insight to the skills and competencies of the individuals on board. These are an in-depth analysis of the individual's performance; enabling the organisation to identify Skills Enhancement and Training needs.