Course: Distance Learning (Paper-based) for TMEs and ETOs

Series: Engineering

Program Types:

Distance learning



Our team of experts has scientifically designed and developed DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAMS for Junior Engineers and Trainee ETOs. The program is designed to facilitate blended learning, with effective monitoring and assessment & oral examination practices. The program supports systematic learning and development onboard.  

The program contents include a complete syllabus of the watchkeeping certificate of competency examinations, plus the shipboard operational requirements as a watchkeeping officer/engineer.

The Program material consists of 6 Learning Modules. Each module consists of tasks, expected to be completed by the student. After completion of a module, it is sent to our onshore mentors for assessment. The received module will be assessed and feedback is sent to the candidate and the company. All the students undergoing this program will be debriefed by a mentor after completion of their onboard tenure. 

The distance learning program called our Shipboard Structured Learning and Assessment Program (SSLA) is perfect and very advantageous for the systematic, consistent competence development of your young workforce. It ensures a better preparation for competency examinations through effective onboard learning and reduces gestation time before young mariners return as certified officers.

The SSLA program is also available in a digital (smart tablet) based version since July 2019.



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