Maritime Training

With over 15 years of experience in the field of training and research by its parent body, IMOI pools in a wide range of subject matter experts to offer comprehensive training and competence development solutions. Our forte is the CUSTOMIZATION as per Client specific requirements. We work closely with the client to understand their needs, and suitably incorporates the client provided inputs into Customized Training programs.

Value added courses E-learning Distance Learning Programs

Pioneers in Management & HR Training

ISF has been a pioneer and a leading expert in training the maritime industry in management skills and soft skills. The training programs are all about developing the human potential catering not only to professionals but also those who are about to enter the corporate world. ISF has an array of effective training programs developed through extensive research and valuable industry experience. The training modules have been tested and successfully delivered to middle level and senior level managers in various companies. ISF has trained over 2000 officers and corporate professionals in HR and soft skills.

Wide Range of Value-addition Courses

ISF has developed and delivered many classroom and workshop-oriented programs fill in the gaps in a seafarer’s knowledge and required skills.

  • Crane Operation and Maintenance
  • Electronics, Electricals, Automation and Controls
  • Electronically Controlled Marine Diesel Engines
  • Bunker Quality Program
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Accident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  • Shipboard Safety Officer’s Course
  • Petroleum Tanker Vetting Examination
  • Port State Control
  • Commercial Ship Operations
  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Marine Personnel Officer
  • Superintendent / Vessel Managers 
  • Inventory of Hazardous Materials

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Indigenously Developed Technical Laboratory for Training

In 2013, ISF embarked on a new project to establish a laboratory to train Engineers in Electricals, Electronics, Process Control and Automation. The laboratory was created indigenously with equipment that can be used to study, create and troubleshoot. ISF has managed to train over 500 engineers successfully so far. The training focussed on many details such as successful studying of electrical and logic drawings to troubleshoot problems, wiring and troubleshooting a PLC based circuit, PID tuning, understanding electronically controlled engines and wiring, understanding of higher-level automation systems like DCS and SCADA, etc.

Extensive Distance Learning Programs

Our team of experts has scientifically designed and developed DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAMS for Junior Engineers and Trainee ETOs. The program is designed to facilitate blended learning, with effective monitoring and assessment & oral examination practices. The program supports systematic learning and development onboard.  

The program contents include complete syllabus of the watchkeeping certificate of competency examinations, plus the ship board operational requirements as a watchkeeping officer/engineer.

The Program material consists of 6 Learning Modules. Each module consists of tasks, expected to be completed by the student. After completion of a module, it is sent to our onshore mentors for assessment. The received module will be assessed and feedback is sent to the candidate and the company. All the student undergoing this program will be de briefed by mentor after completion of their onboard tenure. 

The distance learning program as called as our Shipboard Structured Learning and Assessment Program (SSLA) is perfect and very advantageous for systematic, consistent competence development of your young work force. It ensures better preparation for competency examinations through effective onboard learning and reduces gestation time before young mariners return as certified officers.

The SSLA program is also available in a digital (smart tablet) based version since July 2019.