About Us

ISF Group

ISF has set a strong foot in the maritime industry since its inception in the year 2000, the ISF Group has expanded its philanthropic activities addressing human concerns and evolved to becoming a comprehensive knowledge-based group comprising several professionally managed entities.

The group has rich experience of providing Management and Consultancy, Academic Management, Technical Management and Learning & Development solutions for addressing various needs.

ISF Group believes in creating value for its customers and stakeholders by providing innovative services and solutions that are based on cutting edge research. The R&D activities of the Group are channelized with exclusive focus on leveraging innovation and creativity of the scientific, technical and management resources across the globe. The group facilitates converting the generated body of knowledge into practical use through development of innovative products, services and solutions. 

ISF has collaborated with major ship owners and ship managers across the globe. ISF has worked with around 5000 seafaring officers and office staff for training, consultancy, and management. 

ISF Maritime and Offshore Institute

As a leading maritime institute, ISF offers a diverse array of training programs led by expert trainers. Our portfolio includes classroom-based, self-paced, and onboard style programs tailored for all ranks and backgrounds. We specialize in end-to-end competence management, providing solutions for maritime organizations and their crews—from competency matrix development to career progression learning. With extensive experience in the development and operation of training and educational establishments, ISF excels in creating frameworks and methodologies for third-party education and training management. If you're seeking a customized training program for your crew or organization, our dedicated professionals are ready to collaborate, ensuring your specific needs are met.

Inner Search Foundation

Established on November 13, 2000, under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950, Inner Search Foundation (ISF) stands as a non-profitable charitable trust dedicated to the holistic development of individuals. At the core of our mission is the aspiration to guide individuals towards a comprehensive understanding of themselves across three levels, fostering effectiveness in their respective fields of influence.

Rooted in the ancient practical science and philosophy of Yoga, perceived as A Way of Life, ISF goes beyond self-awareness to actively contribute to community well-being. Committed to social welfare, we extend our services through impactful community programs, cultural activities, and diverse workshops. Our organization embraces a multifaceted approach, where the practice of Yoga not only leads to improved physical and mental health but also becomes a catalyst for community service and positive societal change. As individuals progress on the path of self-discovery, they simultaneously engage in community service initiatives, promoting creativity, productivity, and peace of mind. At Inner Search Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of Yoga to not only enrich individual lives but also to uplift and empower communities through various social and cultural endeavors.

The Confluence - Centre of Yoga Science and Sustainability

The Confluence - Centre of Yoga Science and Sustainability is spread over 7.5 acres of serene, green landscape on the banks of Amba, a tributary of river Kundalika, in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, The Confluence is designed and built to provide an ideal environment for initiating and sustaining a positive change in the direction of Sustainability and Sustainable Development.

Our philosophy percolates in all our proposed programs which include research, mentoring, training, social welfare, all focused on developing attributes in humans that promote Sustainability, and facilitate personal growth based on the philosophy and practice of Yoga in its truest form. 

Our Mission - To influence and promote: Feeling, Thinking, and Actions that lead to an increasingly sustainable future for our planet and for all the entities inhabiting it.