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Distance Learning Programs

Computer Assessment Programme

Online Competence Assessment Program (CAP) 

Shipboard Safety Officer Course 


Psychometric Evaluation

Shore Based Training Programs

Stress Management Program

ECP and VECP Audits


Audit of Training Centre

Electronically Controlled Diesel Engine Course


Online Competrence Assessment Program

Leadership Skill Development Programme

Distance Learning Program

Online Competence Assessment Programme 

Superintendent Training Program

Online Psychometric Evaluation

Cadet Induction Program, Team Building Workshop

Development of CMO manual 

Consultancy for Training Systems

Online Competence Assessment System


Online Competence Management System, Shore Based Training, Quality System Consultancy, Online Psychometric Testing, Distance Learning Programs.

Cadet Selection Test

Navigational Audits

Online Competence Assessment Programme (CAP) and Psychometric Testing.


Academic Partnership for NUSI Offshore Training Institute and Mohamed Ebrahim Serang Centre.

Interpersonal Skills course and Stress Management Course, Distance Learning Program.

Shore Based Training 

Onboard training, HSSEQ system documentation, Development of training programs, Onboard Crew Performance Audits. 


Distance Learning Programs for Trainee ETOs.

Online Competance Assesment Programme (CAP)

Seminar Session: Leadership & Team Work 

Online Competence Assesment Prog. Shore Based Training Programs, Crew Safety Briefing 

Online Psychometric and Aptitude Tests, Online E learning, Shore Bsed Training and Academic Partnership, Development of Reflective Learning.

Online Cadet selection test and Competence Assesment programme

Development of E Learning Modules Contents


Online E Learning Courses

Onboard Training, Shore Based Training Programs, Consultancy for development of Training Centre, Development of E- Learning modules, Online Cadet selection test, HR Consultancy.

Pre-vetting & onboard training, Shore Based Training, Quality System Development, PMS Data Population.

HR Consultancy, Development of customized e learning programs.

Development and conduct of Chemical Tanker Training programme, COC Guidnace courses for deck and engineering officers. 

Development and Implementation of Quality System

Shore Based Training in 'Leadership & Team Work' and RT Flex Engines, Distance Learning Programs, Seminars.

Consultancy for Marketing SMMS Software

Customized Online Prejoining Briefing System, Distance Learning Programs, Online Cadet Selection and Aptitude Tests, Distance Learning Programs, Shore Based Training, Seminars, Marlins English Test.

Customized Training Programs, Corporate Website and Competence Assessment Program

Customized E- Learning portal