Digital Solutions

ISF holds expertise in customised Web based and Desktop (Windows) based applications. ISF has developed and is managing various tailor-made solutions for its clients such as: People Management, Training and Learning Management, HR Management, Procedure Management Software, etc for various clients.

ISP is also developing a strong base in developing smartphone-based applications to be used on the phone. The smartphone-based applications when connected with the web-based systems of client organization help in achieving smooth and effective functioning.


Holistic Education and Learning Management System

Holistic Education and Learning Management System or HELMS is now available in three revolutionary models:

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  • Virtual Institute Model to help educational establishments create a virtual presence which exceeds the regular institute and allows for holistic and comprehensive management of the institute. It is a rounded system and a perfect e-solution for excellence in learning experience and training delivery. 

  • Distance Learning Model for on-the-job learning is a tablet based program designed to operate offline and carries tasks and challenges for the personnel to accomplish at their jobs. A website interface for the organizations and training managers to monitor the learning and provide feeddback to the personnel. (Previously known as SSLA)

  • E-Learning Model with interactive modules, assessments, tracking, certification designed is designed for for self-learning and is followed by a gap analysis. 


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HAZINVENT is an integrated closed loop system with an Android based Mobile app and a Website interface to seamlessly develop Inventory of Hazardous Materials on board vessel as per the IHM requirements.

HAZINVENT is a unique cost-effective tool to replace the tedious manual process of IHM inventories with comprehensive and accurate digital inventories. It facilitates sampling, testing and reporting process; rendering the audit & certification process simple, standardized and digital.

The team behind HAZINVENT comprises of a group of marine professionals having more than 35 years of cumulative marine expertise and a group of IT professionals having more than 32 years of cumulative experience in shipping domain.




Competency Management System

The Competence Management System or the CMS is an extensive web-based system to manage and assess competencies of the entire organization with ever-changing requirements. The CMS developed by ISF has the ability to function autonomously and can be continually updated to define/re-define the competency requirements of the employees and staff. 

The CMS has the following features and facility to: 

  • Re-define competencies with changing market requirements.
  • Manage competency of your complete organization online in one system.
  • Test and assess the knowledge of the team pertaining to a specific situtation, task or area.
  • Automatically evaluate the gaps in knowledge and competence of the staff.
  • Automotacially suggest training for further improvement. The system also allows for administrators to insert their comments and manually assign training.
  • Track progress and knowledge management of the entire organization. 
  • Prepare training plans and assessments for all levels and ranks.
  • Hold various training modules and assessments categorised according to rank, level and area. 
  • Assist in Recruitment and Promotion activities. 

Audits and Inspections Reporting Systems (AIRS)

The Audits and Inspections Reporting System or the AIRS is a simple and easy-to-use smartphone app with a website access. 

The smartphone app allows for easly offline inspections to be conducted. Through the inspection, the superintendents can choose from various categories to inspect, add detailed comments, and click over 250 images. The complete form can then be uploaded to the server by a simple button press. The form will be visible to superintendents and office administrators from the website. 

The website will give the main administrator full access to the questions of the inpsection for and the flexibility to edit them anytime. The admin can also manage superintendent profiles and generate detailed inspection reports. 

The system will be made available to every customer with their customized inspection form and requirements.