Electronically Controlled Marine Engines (ECME)

Event Dates: Monday, 01 August 2022 - Friday, 05 August 2022

Program Objectives

On completion of this programme, the participant will be able to: Gain proficiency and confidence operation and management of large 2 Stroke Cam less Marine Diesel Engines which are electronically controlled.

Program Contents

  • Introduction to Electronically controlled engines
  • RT-flex technology and B&W ME technology - Improvements over conventional engines
  • Concepts of Electronic and Computer Controls - Inputs and Output Modules, Embedded Systems,
  • Wiring and Communication Cable concepts, Trouble Shooting techniques.
  • Power supply units, fuel systems, exhaust systems and alarm systems in electronically controlled engines.
  • Electronic Engine Control Systems
  • Circuit Diagrams and Fault Finding
  • Case Studies and Discussions


Pankaj Dalvi

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