Coming soon... Maritime English Made Easy - A training program

Coming soon... Maritime English Made Easy - A training program


English is the working language of the seas and effective communication is vital in ensuring safe and successful operations at sea. One may think that Maritime English is strictly for the special purpose of technical English, but in fact, it embraces so much more! On board a ship with a multinational crew, one also needs to communicate for social reasons, for everyday matters like food and amenities, and of course, to keep a safe work environment. Ensuring that a message given is received and perceived according to the sender’s intentions is one of the main focuses when those involved speak different first languges. Poor communication is the root cause of accidents within the shipping industry. English may not be spoken fluently between all members of a mixed nationality crew or between ship and shore: Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) is a set of key phrases developed by the IMO to support non-native speakers of English. 

ISF Group and National Union of Seafarers (NUSI) are glad to share upcoming launch of the

Maritime English Made Easy - MEME

ISF Groups’ Maritime English Made Easy E-learning course is developed to bridge the language gap and make sure you are able to communicate accurately and fluently with your colleagues on board your ship, with other seafarers and with shore personnel.

About the Course:

Use of English language on board is mandatory for seafarers globally. STCW convention and IMO requirements stipulate the need for seafarers to communicate in English language respectively. Maritime English is very important for a seafarer to communicate efficaciously when onboard a vessel. It is vitally important for a multitude of reasons; the safety of the crew, the efficiency of daily tasks and the integrity of the ship.

Maritime English is a universal language that is understood by every person in the maritime industry around the world. It contains standardized structures and specialized vocabulary that ensure efficiency in daily tasks and correct responses to emergencies. Its primary goal is to ensure the safe functioning of a ship with enhanced internal and external communication.

Course Objective:

  • To read and understand simple and common English phrases. 
  • To communicate effectively with each other in one common language (English).
  • Demonstrate improved proficiency in grammatical structures, e. g. prepositions, tenses, and sentence structures.
  • Interpret and respond with appropriate choice of vocabulary in day-to-day shipboard work situations.
  • Express yourselves effectively with greater fluency and clearer pronunciation.

Aspects of English Language that are covered in the program: 

  • Basic Grammar, 
  • Maritime Terminology, 
  • Reading, 
  • Listening Comprehension, 
  • Phrasing, and 
  • Pronunciation

Each of the six modules of this program covers specific objectives and builds language skills you will require on board. 

The soon to be launched program will be available on the ISP e-learning portal and fully comprehensive certificate program.

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Date: 30 March 2022