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English Language Skill Development Solutions - MEME & METsys

English Language Skill Development Solutions - MEME & METsys


We are pleased to share English Language Skill Development Solutions indigenously developed and offered by ISF.


Maritime English Made Easy (MEME): An Online Self-Paced Training

(In collaboration with National Union of Seafarers of India.)

MEME is an exciting and interactive self-paced e-learning course for the seafarers across the globe. This program is designed to make sure one can communicate accurately and fluently with colleagues on-board ship, with other seafarers and with shore personnel, understand commands & various accents, and be familiarized with maritime English.

Covers all aspects of Maritime English: Prepositions, Marine Terminology and Duties on Ship, Listening Skills, Verb Tenses & Connectors, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Grammar, Location, Object, Situation, & Action, Pronunciation, Adjectives, Listening Comprehension, Numbers & Adjectives, Vocabulary, differentiating facts or opinion. 


Maritime English Testing System (METsys): Online English Assessment

METsys is an online testing platform for maritime English. It is an interactive test which has questions focusing on various aspects of the language. The METsys is available for different difficulty levels:

METsys Level 1 – suitable for Ratings

METsys Level 2 – suitable for Officers 

The online test has a widespread question bank with an easy to use interface. The questions are designed relating to situations encountered at sea. Categories covered are: Grammar, Reading, Listening, Maritime Terminology, Phrasing, Pronunciation. The listening section is with various accents from across the globe. The system allows  detailed report and certificate generation.


For more details e-mail us at - isfgi@isfgroup.in



Date: 27 June 2022