Maritime English Testing System - METSYS for Seafarers

Maritime English Testing System - METSYS for Seafarers

Language is the most understated but crucial skills to ensure safe, secure, and smooth work onboard ships. Many reliable studies have noted that deficits in communication account for about 30% of accidents/incidents on vessels. As English is a preferred universal language in the Shipping Industry, there is a constant need to assess new joiners as well as existing seafarers in their proficiency of the language. Also, after years of working closely with our clients to improve and enhance the performance of their personnel and seafarers, we felt the need to develop a new tool for the industry. Over a year ago our domain and software team got together and pooled in their expertise, experience, and resources to develop the:

Maritime English Testing System: METsys

A simple and easy tool to test proficiency in English available on our web-based e-learning portal!
Developed indigenously by experts at ISF with a collective experience of over 300 years.

The METsys is available as TWO tests for different difficulty levels:

  • METsys Level 1 – suitable for Ratings
  • METsys Level 2 – suitable for Officers 


  • Widespread question bank.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Listening section with various accents from across the globe. 
  • Report and certificates generation.
  • Detailed reports with performance across various areas.
  • Questions relating to situations encountered at sea.
  • Categories covered are: Grammar, Reading, Listening, Maritime Terminology, Phrasing, Pronunciation.

Date: 29 March 2021