Management Consultancy

Since its inception, ISF has gained vast experience in developing and implementing management systems for its clients across the globe. Following clients have been served in this area since 2004:

  • Complete set of documentation in line with ISO 9001, ISM Code for Orient Express Ship Management – Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur Offices
  • Complete set of documentation in line with ISO 9001, ISM Code for Accord Ship Management, Mumbai
  • Complete set of documentation in line with ISO 9001, ISM Code, ISO 14001, 18001 OHSAS for KC Maritime - Hong Kong
  • Complete set of documentation in line with ISO 9001, ISM Code, ISO 14001, 18001 OHSAS for Seaways International – Dubai and Singapore
  • Complete set of documentation in line with ISO 9001, ISM Code, ISO 14001, 18001 OHSAS, MLC, TMSA for Western Shipping Pte. Ltd – Singapore
  • Restructuring of documentation of 3 companies in line with ISO 9001, ISM Code, ISO 14001, 18001 OHSAS, MLC, TMSA, SEEMP for Thome Group – Singapore
  • Complete set of documentation in line with ISO 9001, ISM Code, ISO 14001, 18001 OHSAS, MLC for Triton Maritime – Mumbai
  • Complete Set of Documentation in line with DNV MTP Rules for NUSI Offshore Training Institute, Mumbai. 
Maritime Training

The Leadership Skills Development Program is a personalised, comprehensive mentoring program in Management and Leadership Skills facilitated by a practicing leader in the industry. It stands out in a crowd of numerous resource management, human element and other programs existing in the industry. This mentoring program begins with a two days induction stage including through self-assessment on various leadership attributes followed by one to one interaction and guidance by the mentor. A personalised application program is chalked out by the end of two days to be implemented at work place for next 16-24 weeks during which a personal journal is to be maintained. The participant comes back for a debriefing session during which experience is shared and further guidance/corrective measures are discussed. This debriefing session can also be executed through skype or other online means.  The program includes all assessments, guidance, support during implementation stage and follow up measures.

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Our latest association with VERIFAVIA Shipping brings to you a brand new training program on a topical and timely subject:

EU-MRV & IMO-DCS: Regulations & Compliance

EU-MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) & IMO-DCS (Data Collection System)

A program to help you develop complete understanding and practical knowhow for accurate implementation of the latest regulations.

Course Duration: 2 days/ 14 hours

Target Participants: Superintendents, Vessel Managers, Technical Supervisors


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Research and Publications

International Maritime Research Confluence (IMRC) organized by the research division by ISF Group, is a one of a kind initiaitve to bring together the organizations and individuals working tirelessly on quantitative and qualitative research and study which will decide the future for the Maritime and Allied Industry in terms of safety, technology, conditions, economics, environment, etc.

The IMRC is a 10-year project with biennial symposiums. The IMRC aims to advance the creation of the much-needed Eco-System which will facilitate meaningful research in the maritime sectors. The outcomes of the confluence shall be disseminated in the industry, further research promoted, and effective dialogue facilitated within the industry. 

This initiative is a result of our resolution to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations in 2015 and the outcomes of our Knowledge Seminar in March 2019. All the activities under the IMRC will aim to attain and maintain the 17 SDGs by furthering meaningful research activities.

The Pilot IMRC Symposium was held on 13th and 14th february 2020 at the Indian Register of Shipping, Powai, Mumbai. 


The Global Seafaring Human Resources Report 2019 was released amidst the who’s who of the Indian maritime fraternity at a well attended knowledge seminar organized by the ISF Group on the 20th March 2019. This day marked the 15th Anniversary celebrations of ISF Maritime Services at which the Director General of Shipping, Shri Amitabh Kumar was the Chief Guest. The report was released by the Chief Guest, Capt. Navin Passey-Chairman FOSMA, and Capt. Mahesh Garimella from MASSA.


This comprehensive report which serves as an excellent ready reckoner, covers analysis of data from the key seafarer providing nations from Asia, European Union, Eastern Europe, Russia and Other CIS Countries who collectively account for nearly 80% of world seafaring population.

The report is an effective assistive tool to understand the growing need of shipping in the global economy and the availability of seafarers from various regions, their numbers, future potential, and relative competitiveness. The report assists the ship owners and operators spread across the globe, to arrive at better decisions with regards to the choice of seafarers to run their ships efficiently and effectively.

The chapters of this extensive 110 page report include international trade and shipping environment, seafarer demand and supply, wages analysis of various nationalities, and budgets of wages for all levels of seafarers for all types of ships.

IIRE has been conducting and publishing the Compensation and Benefits Survey Report on Indian seafarers working on foreign ships annually since 2009. To commemorate the 10th year since commencement of this report and expand IIRE’s  reach to the world shipping community, the institute undertook the ambitious project with technical support from members of the key industry associations, namely FOSMA and MASSA.

The report is available in customised secure pdf, as well as in A4 size full colour paperback versions.

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A well researched, excellent reference document for decision makers spread across the globe. We at FOSMA are very happy to be associated with IIRE for these projects since 2009.

Capt. Navin Passey (Chairman FOSMA)


The report is quite comprehensive and IIRE has done very well considering that it is the first attempt at getting something like this assimilated.

Capt. Prashant Rangnekar (Chairman MASSA)


I must say that after reviewing the report that I have never seen anything this good and informative. Please accept my sincere appreciation regarding the quality of the report, this supersedes any report about wage benchmarking and seafarers stats that I have seen.

Sankalp Shukla (Director, Bernhard Schulte Ship Management)

Digital Solutions

ISF recently developed and launched a brand new product - HAZINVENT. 

HAZINVENT is an integrated closed loop system with an Android based Mobile app and a Website interface to seamlessly develop Inventory of Hazardous Materials on board vessel as per the IHM requirements.

The team behind HAZINVENT comprises of a group of marine professionals having more than 35 years of cumulative marine expertise and a group of IT professionals having more than 32 years of cumulative experience in shipping domain.

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Clause 6.6 of the ISM Code states, “The Company should establish procedures by which the ship's personnel receive relevant information on the SMS (safety management system) in a working language or languages understood by them”.

English is the most common working language globally used on ships.

A seafarer must be able to understand commands, ask questions and be able to relay information in the English language. Failure to communicate effectively can result in avoidable accidents that can have catastrophic impact on ships, their personnel and the environment.

METsys is a testing tool that provides confidence to the employer that the seafarer employed on board or being employed can understand basic instructions and can relay information correctly. The questions are specifically prepared considering situations likely to be encountered at sea, which the seafarer can relate to easily.

METsys is a complete English testing tool with a widespread question bank to test candidate on various aspects of the language:

  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Maritime Terminology
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening
  • Phrasing

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Maritime Training

The Safety and Operational Excellence Program or the SOPEX program is developed in collaboration with Foreign Ship-owners Representatives and Ship Managers Association (FOSMA, catering to Indian ratings from FOSMA memer lines.

With Indian Ratings gaining grounds in the global scenario and increasingly finding more berths, to ensure retention of their position and further growth, this program aims at reinforcing the practical aspects of risk assessment, safe working practices and enhanced performance related to various tasks Ratings are entrusted with. 

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