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Commercial Operations Shipping (COPS)


Marine Management

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Commercial Operation shipping (COPS) Training program provides participants with an in-depth knowledge of the commercial aspects of shipping and commercial law affecting the merchant shipping operations as well as other legal requirements governing the maritime sector. The program balances academic rigor with practical experience in order to serve the needs of tomorrow’s ship managers in the most effective ways.

Participants will gain solid foundations of ship management, maritime economics, ship technology, chartering, maritime law, insurance, risk and strategic management, which are particularly relevant for companies in this sector.



1.   Understand in general why the seafarer needs to have the basic knowledge of Shipping Commercial operations.

2.   Be familiarized with the term “Freight” and understand briefly the various freight rate scales used in international shipping business.

3.   Be familiarized with process of dealing with Agents, Terminal representatives etc. and their effect on Commercial operations.

4.   ​Will be familiarized with various shipboard operations which can be optimized from the commercial point of view.

5.   ​Understand briefly, the broad categories of Marine Insurance and types of Insurance Policies used in Shipping Business



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USD 18