Name Of The Course:

Pneumatics Workshop





Knowledge of pneumatic components and the ability to read and understand the working of a starting / reversing maneuvering circuit of the Main Engine is essential to be able to troubleshoot and analyze maneuvering faults logically. 

Covering aspects of shipboard pneumatics, this workshop provides a forum for theory lecture delivery, PPT presentations, animation/videos, and group discussions leading to improvement in competency and confidence in operating pneumatic equipment in a correct manner. Extensive exposure to pneumatic components and their application is provided along with several shipboard circuits being traced. Thus, the ability to trace, understand and analyze circuit drawings and to troubleshoot logically is gained by the participant. 

The objective of the course is to:  

  • Enable the participants to recognize pneumatic components and read/understand pneumatic circuits.
  • To familiarize with the Main Engine starting/reversing maneuvering circuit.  
  • To recognize component symbols and their construction, functioning, and applications. 
  • To learn through sharing of experiences amongst participants 

Program Contents

  • Introduction to Pneumatic components, types of Direction and Flow Control valves, their symbols, and how to “read” them.
  • A tracing and detailed explanation of the Pneumatic Manoeuvring circuit of the MAN B&W MC Main Engine and the various control components thereof.

Course Duration:

2 Days / 16 Hours



Hoshang Dastur

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