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Effective Communication (Maritime)


HR and Soft Skills

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Communication is an art of exchanging ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and opinions. It is the vital part for Individuals as well as organizations. Communication seems to be a simple process but often due to the lack of clarity, an idea communicated does not reach the receiver as intended. 

In the maritime industry, being able to communicate effectively and preventing intercultural misunderstandings can be a matter of life and death. Considering that this industry is extremely global with people from different parts of the world working together. For maritime professionals, there are three important aspects when at sea – avoiding conflicts, staying motivated and improving work processes.

This comprehensive training course, would help one understand the process of communicating effectively and assertively. In order to facilitate effective learning, this course has been divided into various modules. 



1. Increase Self-Awareness.

2. Ability to Deal with Difficult Behavior.

3. Improvements in teamwork and a collaborative mindset.

4. Better Listening skills.

5. Ability to speak precisely.

6. Boost your confidence & Persuasive Capacity.

7. Improves Professionalism & help in career development.



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USD 18