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HR and Soft Skills

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Motivation is an internal process that makes a person move towards a goal. It is the driving force which affects the choice of alternatives in the behaviour of a person. It improves, stimulates and induces leading to goal-oriented behaviour.

Motivation is the secret ingredient that energizes, maintains and enhances performance. Strategically, a motivated person is more likely to innovate, achieve goals, deliver quality work, and work more productively. It is very essential to be motivated in your professional as well as personal life because it changes our way of thinking, feeling, and behaviour towards our work. If one is motivated enough to achieve his goals, he can succeed well in life. No matter what industry you're in, your motivational skills will underpin everything you do. It's a soft skill that helps you build long-lasting relationships and get people through difficult times.  



1. How to create and manage goals

2. How to make goal setting a habit – in both work and personal lives.

3. How to track progress - to stay motivated.

4. How to link personal goals to company goals.

5. Implement self-motivation techniques.


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USD 18