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Stress Management


HR and Soft Skills

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The art of stress management is to keep oneself at a level of stimulation that is healthy and enjoyable. One needs to have a healthy and balanced approach to life.

This course on stress management is aimed to make one recognize, realize and understand the stress and its various causes. It would help one to bring about a balanced approach to life with practical tips and methods of dealing with stress at the individual and organizational levels. In order to facilitate better learning, the course is divided into various modules. 

The first module describes the concept of stress and methods to identify stress. The next two modules aim to identify the various causes as well as the physical, psychological, and behavioral effects of stress. The next module deals with ways of methods to handle individual stress in personal as well as professional life. It gives a holistic approach to managing stress in personal as well as professional life. While the last module aims to assess one on the basis of learnings from the previous modules. 



1. Understand the basic principles of stress management.

2. Recognize your stress triggers and how to manage them.

3. Develop proactive responses to stressful situations.

4. Use coping tips for managing stress both on and off the job.

5. Learn to manage stress through diet, sleep, and other lifestyle factors.



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USD 18