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Strategic Management


HR and Soft Skills

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Strategic management is a constant process of formulating strategies and implementing them to achieve goals. This helps in dividing the big plans into smaller, more achievable ones. With efficient strategy formulation and implementation, achieving the goals becomes an easy task. This gives a futuristic look towards the performance, and the growth becomes sustainable. Strategic management helps the person in charge of decision-making get secured with management tools or to expect the changes by guiding the organizational activities on the right path.



1. To understand various levels of strategies for an organization. 

2. To understand Porter's five forces and SWOT analysis.

3.  To understand what is strategy formulation and it’s process.

4. To understand Mc.Kinsey’s 7 ‘S’ framework for strategy analysis and choice.

5. To understand the important and value of strategic management

6. To understand reason why strategic plan fails.


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USD 18