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Self-Contaminated Breathing Apparatus



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Correct understanding and usage of Life Saving Appliances on board ships is a must. It is often found on board that the crew is unaware/unsure of the various components, areas of usage, and the donning procedure of SCBA. This CBT will help you to understand these aspects of SCBA. 

SCBA training is a highly effective way to help you and your team feel more comfortable when donning personal protective equipment (PPE) in real-life scenarios. You will experience hands-on activities and exercises with the equipment that you will use in an emergency response situation.

SCBA training reviews Personal Protective Equipment, and how to properly put on, and proper use it.  This is a hands-on course using the equipment you will need in an emergency response situation at your facility.



1. Explain where information pertaining to SCBA can be found on the ship.

2. Describe the different components of SCBA and their functions. 

3. List the locations and situations where an SCBA can be used.

4. Describe the procedure of donning an SCBA.

5. List various precautions to be taken prior to donning an SCBA.


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USD 18