With the Group on the threshold of entering the third decade, the Trustees and Directors resolved in March 2019 to dedicate the next decade (2020-2030) in pursuit of supporting the

Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in 2015.

(These SDGs include No poverty, Good health and well-being for people, Quality education, Gender equality, Clean water and sanitation, Affordable and clean energy, Decent work and economic growth, Sustainable cities and communities, Climate action, etc.)

As a result, there will be a greater focused approach in ensuring that the services of the Group achieve enhanced effectiveness and remain aligned in that direction. In order to spread awareness and influence a larger section of the industry and society at large, the group has launched two key initiatives:


Relying on the expertise of the Group in research activities and publication, our enterprise embarks on organizing  biennial International Maritime Research Confluences (IMRC) from 2020 onwards. The first Confluence is to be held in Mumbai on the 13th  and 14th February 2020. The outcomes of the Confluence shall be disseminated in the industry; further research encouraged and promoted, and effective dialogue facilitated in the direction of making our world a better place to live.

Research with a Purpose!!


Development of an ecologically balanced model campus “The Confluence” which would be utilized for research work and development/delivery of educational training programs in support of various SDGs. The holistic residential campus as a model campus is expected to demonstrate a balanced approach towards life, development and growth.

Join us at Holistic Self Development Campus - The Confluence